Nikhil Sharma

Nikhil Sharma

Digital Evangelist Since 2006

GoCommercially officially launched on January 1, 2020

Small Business Marketing Platform GoCommercially Announces January 1st 2020 Official Launch. The right marketing tools, technology and advice can be the difference when working on the growth of a small business. New platform GoCommercially is delivering all this and much more at attractive price points. December 18, 2019 The small business world is more competitive than ever, which… Continue reading

Seeking Sucess but still not getting it?

Here are 5 life lessons that will lead closer to your goal. I think you all agree with me when I say: Life is too short for overlooking opportunities. There only less than 100 days left for 2020 and your next big adventure is closer than you think. You’ll be successful as soon as you… Continue reading

Technology Can Help Build A Winning Product Content Strategy. Here’s How!

Brand quality has always been essential to the increasingly cluttered, highly competitive online shelves. On their multi-channel, non-linear shopping trips, consumers expect a specific product experience. Nonetheless, continuity in data quality is difficult to achieve as digital content and rich media are fragmented into hundreds of stores and outlets for purchase. Neither do the siloed… Continue reading

Elements of digital advertising to improve engagement

When internet advertising continues to expand in importance, you must explore how to maximize interaction with your target audience. One of the most common questions asked was, “By what conditions are you more likely than average to spot a website or device advertisement?” We found the results surprising and also figured you’d. Let’s look at… Continue reading

4 Approaches to Automate Voice Search

Although dismissed as a mere fad, looking for voice has shown strong staying power. Research actually shows that looking for speech is on the rise. We may expect half of all online searches to be voice searches within a year, according to Dialogtech statistics. Therefore, if you’re not preparing for voice search, almost half of… Continue reading

Is Print The New Digital?

In an innovative campaign strategy, the combination of social media and print ads is a strong way to advertise your products or services. Though many would have you believe that social media and print advertising are too incompatible to work together, experienced marketers know that leveraging one’s influence will dramatically increase another’s success rate. With… Continue reading

6 Google Ranking Factors Super Essential in 2019

A very seasoned SEO specialist would admit that the optimization of the search engine is not what it was in the earlier days. In reality, SEO’s rules and ethics continue to change or are updated on an annual basis. That brought positive results to your website in 2018 may not apply in 2019. While the… Continue reading

SEO’s outdated tactics you should withdraw

If you’re in the herd of enhancing your SEO strategies and abilities to move the needle even more for your organisation and customers, then you’re in the correct place.  It’s time to quash the lousy SEO strategies right now and begin inculcating fresh ones or upgrading current ones. Here’s the key to constructing efficient SEO… Continue reading

Enhancing Marketing using Technology

Your world is digital and has been for a while, unless you’ve lived a very secluded life. We’ve seen a lot of different forms of marketing evolution. Marketers now need to be on top of the trend and where their customers are. Technology is beautiful, magical, frightening, brilliant, omnipresent, and an ongoing miracle that has… Continue reading

Pinterest for Business : The Do’s of a Pinterest campaign

Would you like to create more cash out of the company using Pinterest? If that is the case then you have the correct concept and you have come to the correct location!  Pinterest is a truly distinctive marketing platform for social media. Pinterest can be considered a digital scrapbooking, as well as an internet wishlist. … Continue reading