Seasoned Startup Mentor/ Investor, Business Growth Maestro, Digital Evangelist 15+ Years.

Helping e-commerce/ internet ventures harness business growth platforms to ensure sustainable and rapid growth. Love to meet founders and marketing professionals from e-commerce and internet ventures. Also, creator — Infinitium

About Nikhil Sharma

Digital Evangelist Since 2005

Hello. I am an innovator, entreprenuer, marketing/ digital/ branding expert.

Founder at GoCommercially. | CO Founder & CEO Wellpro |

CO Founder & CEO Wakeup.Life | Founder Poshaaq Lifestyle

Brand Ambassador at Truecaller | CEO & Managing Director at Fabulous Media.

Need an Expert view on Digital? (An amalgamation of Marketing, Technology and Design) do get in touch and get inspired with innovative solutions to grow your business.

I am an Entrepreneur with a belief to build upon a world-class people-centric enterprise. I m passionate about Digital as a medium, the only media in 500 years of Human history to deliver a double-digit growth rate within a span of a decade or more.

A firm believer in the importance of Quality, in all endeavours I undertake. Many a time, people who know me refer to me as a walking encyclopedia, and I have been always a curious mind….. An artist with scientific fervour and most importantly continuously striving and building upon my business skills.

Devising solutions to problems is my forte, be it a Business Solution or Tech Solution….. or both. I m a firm believer in the fact that if you can imagine a solution for any Business need, Technology can play its role, maybe in solving it or supporting it.

Specialities: Branding, Startups, Innovation, Visualising, Coordinating Solution Development for diverse needs of Advertising/Marketing and business results.


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