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Technology Can Help Build A Winning Product Content Strategy. Here’s How!

Brand quality has always been essential to the increasingly cluttered, highly competitive online shelves. On their multi-channel, non-linear shopping trips, consumers expect a specific product experience. Nonetheless, continuity in data quality is difficult to achieve as digital content and rich media are fragmented into hundreds of stores and outlets for purchase. Neither do the siloed departments nor the manual entry aid.

Such ails have been lowered for years by product information management (PIM) and product content management (PCM) programs and allowed companies to sell better. The next developmental step of this lifecycle is the control of customer interaction (PXM), which guarantees that the material is designed for a seamless omnichannel experience.

PCM: What is it?

Product content management of brand feature information, descriptions, photos, clips, and other company material is a common source of truth.

Content covers a wide range of sources across an organization, be it an ERP, MDM, Excel sheets–your brand, shipping, sales and marketing teams are likely to have data. A PCM platform helps to centralize this information so that team members can access, edit and update this information in real-time and publish it on the meaningful sales channel. 

PCM streamlines operations when it functions well to capture consumer information and distribute it to the networks for sales. This holds the product information correct, speeds up selling time, and creates a better customer experience. A real PCM captures and integrates “both data and information in one location or using a stand-alone system or built on top of the existing software of an organization.”

Consumers want more entertainment than ever – wherever they go shopping. Use PCM to create a true omnichannel experience at every point of sale for shoppers with robust product descriptions, images, and multimedia.

The introduction of data and press often reacts to consumer queries, contributing to a simpler purchase.

Telling a more detailed, coherent, and clear tale wherever the customer will locate the service utilizing PXM is where companies will earn more than $517 billion in online sales in the U.S.

Online shopping habits of customers will continue to change rapidly. 94% of Consumers either leave the site or give up if they are unable to find the information they need. Creating consumer experiences is looking to avoid losing their attention and loyalty.


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