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Some Tools for Content Promotion to Help get Grow Traffic

After study shows that around 85% of B2B marketers use content for promotion and generate revenue. High-quality content relevant content helps to engage and attract more people.

Content is King and very powerful. Content has been one of the best parts of internet marketing. Without content, it would be impossible to achieve goals. Content marketing helps to generate up to double leads than paid marketing. Sometimes we need some tools for doing this properly. So, Here are some content promotion tools that can help to grow traffic.

1. Mozbar Tool
Mozbar is a Google Chrome extension that provides SEO metrics when we view a webpage or SERP. You can use it as when you search for keywords through Google to learn about page authority and domain authority for results. It is a free tool and premium version both. Premium version allows learning keyword difficulty and other SEO metrics. One of the best features in this tool is Highlight tool that allows highlighting your links find on the website and separate them to do-follow and no-follow links.

2. LinkedIn Pulse
LinkedIn’s publishing platform is LinkedIn pulse with a personalized news feed. LinkedIn is a professional network which has over 500 million users who are looking for business and job opportunities. If you publish any post on Linkedin pulse then you will get more traffic, a lot of engagement and massive exposure.

3. Open Site Explorer
Open Site Explorer tool is genius for promoting your content. This is yet another tool by Moz who can help to generate traffic. You can free to use for some number of searches per day. Using this tool, you can check who has been linking to your content and can check the number of inbound links that website has. Share your blog or article with social media platform, comment on their own content to get generate traffic.

4. CoSchedule
CoSchedule tool integrates with your blog and allows to see the calendar for blog content and social media. Having it is all at one place will help to make your promoting strategy more effective. Premium version is around $10 per month with unlimited social media accounts.

5. TweetDeck
Twitter is one of the best platforms to find the best influencers, When you find many influencers in a group that is your goal this is generally the best idea to do social learning more about them. This is the best platform to find, it gives them options they need to grow their engage users. TweetDeck is a free tool that can solve all issues. Twitter tool is designed Twitter dashboard which everyone can organise their feed into other different streams.


These are top content promoting tools that are very helpful. There are some other tools out there even some similar ones. Have you tried anyone? Tell about the experience and whether you have a much better tool for promoting content.


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