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Social Media Strategy Guide 2019

Know Your Social Media Audience
Let’s know what your audience wants and learn about their necessity. Selecting your audience to sell your product & services is the toughest part of marketing. But with Social media, you can easily get to know about your critical audience. Social Media Helps you to select your audience, by their age group, demographics & interest.

Increase Your Reach Every Day
Post reach provides you with an insight which tells you how many unique users who saw your post. With Post Reach insight you can check how far your content is spreading across your social media channels, as well you can change your content strategy according.

Measurements of Clicks to Encourage Your Audience
You can measure the numbers of clicks on your social media content includes Video, Text, Photos, Company Name, Social Page Buttons, Logo etc. Clicks insight allow you to know, how many users move through your social media marketing campaigns. This encourages you and understands what encourages people to clicks and you can plan your strategy accordingly.

How to Engage Audience
Engagement is about the reaction of the audience, who reacted on your social media content. Engagement should be always bigger than the total reach of your content. You can analyze how well your content is working on social channels, whether people interacting or not.

Hashtag Selection For Social Media Audience
Choose your hashtags wisely, because it’s more posting any content. Hashtags for social media are more associated with your brand content.

Organic Likes & Paid Likes
Likes for social media channels for Facebook, Instagram and others define what kind of audience you have. Usually getting attraction through paid traffic is much easier than organic traffic. This is the reason why most of the brands switch for a paid advertisement on Instagram & Facebook.

Competitive Research For Social Media Campaign
Before creating any content for social media, you should first check what your competitors are doing. You should check what makes competitors campaign successful, you can analyze what kind of activity can make your campaign successful. Putting an engaging content on social media helps you, to improve brand awareness.


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