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How to Use Reddit in your Digital marketing Strategy in 2019

If you are searching for a new channel for your marketing then you might want to add Reddit to your Digital marketing strategy in 2019. This platform has over 250 million users and 50 thousand active communities and attracts 8 billion views on a monthly basis. Reddit hosts content which is posted through the large network of users. It attracts around 160 million unique and individual users every month. So marketers are so interested in it.

Reddit is growing daily. It increases in the activity at website since started promoting it on this platform. Although if you want to connect with target audience then Reddit is the right platform for a digital marketing expert to use.

How Reddit Works
It works like a newspaper where all of Reddit users are entitled to its own opinion. Firstly, you need to know about why should be used reddit. You should want to know how Reddit works and all content that is posted is upvoted or downvoted by many different users. You post relevant details that will draw the audience to your post that will help them to get traffic.

Tips for the Reddit Posts
Here are some tips that would need to follow, these are:

  • Post Timings- You should post between 1 am to 7 am. This is the best ideal time to post throughout the day. Users can see your post before they fall asleep and they wake up. You have higher chances of reaching the top because there are not many posting at that time.
  • Content- You should post unique and high-quality content. There are going to be many posts that could be covering the same content.
  • Research on subreddits- You should research on correct subreddit for posting. If you do not post in right are then you will not get the right audience that you want.
  • Share your post- Are you sure that you are sharing your post with your friends then you will get higher traffic at your post.
  • Get Feedback on the market trends- If your target users are on Reddit then start a thread and invite all to share their experience with brand, this feedback will help you make the brand much better.

Users or viewers
Other things you should need to think why to use Reddit for your digital marketing in 2019. What you would know about the users includes:

  1. 71% of new users are male
  2. 59% of new users are between 18 to 29 age
  3. 47% Reddit users are always online and 21% of adult users in the US are online always
  4. 39% users claim to be moderate

Reddit Community

Reddit is one of the best tool and important part to digital marketing strategy. You can hit your target users and also can post anything that people will want to see. Reddit is most popular site so why should not use it for digital marketing services needs.

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