Nikhil Sharma

Nikhil Sharma

Digital Evangelist Since 2006

Got enough business leads in 2017?

Getting online leads and conversions is easy? nops… nayy… kinda difficult… can’t figures out ROI, burned lots of hard cash for not so encouraging results.

You will either agree with the above statement or with responses

Well, what I believe its true both ways. Though the statement being correct for you, has a meagre 1% probability in 99% of Businesses.

With the advent of new age digital media in the past 10 years, it has got so easy to communicate, to access diverse information and thus the abundance of choice in any product/service vertical. Technology played its part in easing out and automating processes so much, that we saw a transition, from the offline world to online world, from conversations to decision variables and so much else. You can order any product, any service online these days or via a mobile app at the most value or discounted cost. But at the same time, this information overload, wrong information, viral lies and so much chaos have impacted the trust of consumers on lesser known digital enabled businesses.

So though people are now buying not only mobiles to medicines, or even jewellery not to forget grocery… booking plumber to a carpenter and so on.. which may be very high value to low value, still only a few online businesses are getting the benefit of this online commerce deluge.

So why some of the small businesses and individuals are still highly successful and but majority are not..

Its about adaptation of your business communication for diverse online channels and pragmatic utilisation of online verticals, be it search, social, email or display. Only if we harness the mediums in a sensible manner that we can achieve desired results, be it engagement, leads or brand recall. We at Fab.Digital are working hard for last 8 + years to propose and execute digital solutions for businesses of diverse scale and industry verticals, so the below offer might help.

With this communication, you can avail a complimentary analysis of your current online business results and how you can embark on a path to achieve your business goals in 2017 with right strategy & at right cost. Just reply back at or give a call at 7065566655


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