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Google Analytics Report: Ultimate Guide To Track Your Blog Performance

When you read this term ‘Google Analytics’ exactly what comes to your mind? You may think of content that needs guidance on how to track your reader’s output in your blog or maybe check the status of overall ‘Audience Overview’. We can bet that there is hardly any other tool that you look into apart from ‘Audience Overview’ and ‘Acquisition Overview’.

Even if you are going through your specific organic keywords every once in a while, you may dive into your top pages or the specific organic keywords that drive your traffic. But even if you do that, what are you doing with the data? Are you researching why is it the traffic increasing or decreasing? Or maybe planning something out to do something with that data. Nothing, right?

What matters the most is whether or not you can cope up with the latest services that various analytical tools are providing. All of that can be of high advantage for your business and count on this YOU cannot remain unknown to it if you want good rankings for your blog. If you want to figure out how to grow your blog and more importantly, your revenue from your blog, then there are 5 reports that you need to start looking at regularly Here they are and here is how you can use them:

Cohort Analysis

A Cohort Analysis is a subset of behavioural analytics that takes the data from a given data set and rather than looking at all users as one unit, it breaks them into related groups for analysis. This further helps in reducing your bounce rates if studied properly regarding the leads. 

What cohort analysis studies are the percentage of your visitors that come back each week. Then why not? Concentrate on the leads which were already generated and not keep on running for new ones? Won’t it be much easier to extract the old ones back from the ground, getting your visitors to come back rather look for the new ones? It’s much easier to get people to come back on your blog. It is estimated that the reader should at least visit the website 3.15 times before turning him into the customer. 

One can use services like Email Marketing and sending in Push Notifications based on immediate lead generation and further analysis so that your readers tend to come back and generate the rankings. These two strategies work for the readers to revisit. 

Users Flow

The Users Flow report is a great way to see how you should adjust your site based on each geographical region. Now the question arises that “What Can You Accomplish With a User Flow Analysis?” Below are a few things you can accomplish using a user flow analysis in Google Analytics. You can see the steps your visitors take or the page they navigate through on your site based on a selected dimension such as country, landing page, campaign, browser, etc.

Within the report, it will break down how people from each country interact with your blog and the flow they take. The Users Flow report is a great way to see how you should adjust your site based on each geographical region.


One very common question that pops up into the minds of any business holder is whether or not they can cope with their competition. It compares your site’s performance to previous results and your industry’s average. It provides valuable context to your business, gives insights into industry trends, and helps to compare your indicators to competitors.

Assisted Conversions

This report shows you all of the channels that help drive conversions for your blog. They weren’t the final channel in which someone came from but they did visit your blog from one of these channels. In other words, if they didn’t visit or even find your blog from one of these sources, they may not have interacted at all. The other beautiful part about this report is that it tells you where to focus your marketing efforts. 


This report will tell you where(which place) the biggest growth opportunities are for your blog. Now with your blog, you’ll naturally see that most countries prefer to use a universal language to comment or in their mother tongue. For example, if you write in English, then countries like the United Kingdom and the United States will be some of your top countries. What you should do with this report is look at the countries that are growing in popularity but the majority of their population speaks a different language than what you are blogging on.


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