Nikhil Sharma

Nikhil Sharma

Digital Evangelist Since 2006

Enhancing Marketing using Technology

Your world is digital and has been for a while, unless you’ve lived a very secluded life. We’ve seen a lot of different forms of marketing evolution. Marketers now need to be on top of the trend and where their customers are.

Technology is beautiful, magical, frightening, brilliant, omnipresent, and an ongoing miracle that has altered our entire life. It has revolutionized all parts of our lives over the years. And this revolution is taking place in ruthlessly short periods of time.

Technology has made all instantly. Everyone is suddenly a creative writer thanks to the blog explosion. Even though a visiting card using a web-based tutorial is all the design, they call themselves a designer. Everyone is now a professional photographer with Instagram and the fantastic filters it provides. “Technology has facilitated creativity”. It has torn apart and reconstructed creativity, making it a concept that is ‘easy to achieve’. So much so that creativity has even been simplified. So let’s say this time slowly: “Technology has facilitated creativity!”

In a manner, this spells bad news for purely artistic souls like musicians, painters, sculptors, and freethinkers (those who have no limits). But it’s like an online casino boon for most individuals. This streamlined creativity avatar can assist us create a fresh business model that can stand high in a crowded and greasy communication globe.

That is why I ask – Is technology in marketing now gaining more significance than marketing in technology?

Technology is becoming the marketing soul and moving away from being just an enabler. In particular, marketing information technology enables us to know who our clients are, what they want, what they think, their behaviors, and their likes and dislikes. So it is secure to say that it goes hand in hand with marketing and technology.

It’s just a small component that is knowing your clients. The next large hurdle technology solves knowing how to achieve them in real time.

Once you understand your client and know how to achieve your client, it depends on the type of content your clients want to eat and how smartly you can use technology to orchestrate this content in real time.

When data is understood and analyzed using the right technology, the cycle is complete and insights are drawn so that the lessons are learned at the right speed and the marketing pivot is in real-time. All this and more are enabled by technology. Marketing teams can work as one force with the help of technology and effectively perform the above activities.


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