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Email Marketing Fundamentals : Basics Series

It doesn’t matter if you are new to email marketing or you are a real professional. Sometimes, even for the most advanced users, going back to the basics can be a great idea. We gathered some tips to help you refresh your memory with things that are so simple, that people tend to forget them.

Do not spam, email is at the end personal communication                                                                                                      

of course its YOUR PRODUCT | SERVICE update but still people don’t care for promotional mails creating chaos in their inbox

You are probably familiar with the small letters that many opt-in forms have, those that claim and promise not to use the provided email address for spam purposes. Well, if you don’t include this kind of texts, you should. It can really help in improving your opt-in form success. In both scenarios, spamming your list is probably the worst thing you can do. Except getting your emails flagged as spam, you will not reach nothing.

Market to quality lists

Digital is contextual, all else is waste, remember the golden rule

Trying to travel insurance to a person who is interested in dog food doesn’t make too much sense, does it? Having many campaigns is great, just make sure you keep things focused and to the point. If a visitor joins your list for a certain reason, make sure to deliver exactly what he is expecting for.

Don’t sell, gift or in any way forward a list you created to others

its a strict no, indeed…. the gospel rule, the ethical stand, loosing trust forever is a option ever

Respecting your customers and their privacy is important. Selling or giving away private information on your clients, besides being unethical, is also a criminal offense in many countries. In addition, this technique is simply not effective. Customers are getting smarter, they can easily  unknown senders of services they’ve never signed up for. By selling or buying mailing lists the only high click-through-rate you will have is related to the “report as spam” button.

Deliver what you promised. Send valuable and useful content

well, to promise and forget is not professional, but facts state otherwise, rendering the medium ineffective and least potent..

If in order to get people sign up for your list, you promised them monthly tips related to cheap home design, make sure that you actually deliver those tips (and make sure it is really monthly). I’m not saying don’t advertise, naturally advertising and promoting products is the reason you are here in the first place. But make sure that you, first of all, deliver what was promised.  You can implement your products as a part of an informative email, or send them once in a while as separate ‘great offers’ just make sure your focus is on providing the customer needs.

Create loyalty levels and market accordingly

cater to LTV, the life time value of customers, breed loyalty via impactful content loyalists will love to consume and share… virility matters… yes

One of the most common mistakes is to assume that all members of your list are exactly the same. The reality is that you probably have on your list different people, some of them only discovered your business today, some of them are loyal customers, others just bought a thing or two of whatever you are offering. Don’t treat them as equals because they are not. Make sure to reward loyal clients with special offers, I mean really special offers. A personalized approach will allow you to deliver more targeted content, create better relationships and increase your overall success.

Don’t be afraid to involve social media.

maximise touch points, what better than the social side of your business.. and of course you care reflects in your business communication

Social media is a great and a very fast developing tool. There are already few studies that show the same amazing result: Customers who discover a business online have over 50% more chance to make a purchase if social media is being involved in the process. Don’t be afraid to give a face to your business, make sure to create in your mailing campaigns links to social media.

Metric and A/B testing

to b or not to b, ab or multivariate… careful but pragmatic interventions help you achieve improved CRO, hmm… CRO what, conversion rate optimisation

Using metrics, online analytical tools, and performing A/B testing can sound scary and time-consuming. Even if things involve a certain learning curve, don’t give up and don’t underestimate the power of testing. The only way to become successful (and it goes for any field in life) is to constantly try and beat your own records. How exactly are you planning to achieve it if you don’t even know what your records are?


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