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Don’t play with Google

Playing with Google is futile and not suggested

It is natural to think that you are the smartest person on earth. It is also a very important quality that reflects directly on self-esteem and success in life. But being smart doesn’t mean that you can outsmart Google. In fact, when it comes to Google, being smart means to play by the rules set by Google, and not against it.

Fighting against a behemoth – choice or insanity?

When it comes to history, it is a well-known fact that history is written by the winners. I bet you have never heard any of your high school history teachers telling a story about the bad guys who won the battle, do you think bad guys never win? They do. It’s just that when they write books about themselves and their victories, they are sure they are the good guys. In our case, you have Google. Not even for a second, I am saying that Google represents ‘the bad guys’, but I do believe that Google represents the great and indisputable winner when it comes to search engines. So do yourself a favour, and don’t choose the losing side. Instead of trying to fight Google, try to understand what direction they are trying to take. Be a good soldier in their army and they will reward you with ranking and traffic, which naturally will be transferred to earnings.

The penalties by Google are can hit you hard, really hard!

There are two main penalty types that many SEO professionals believe Google is using: Manual and algorithmic. The names clearly suggest who will penalize your website.

The manual penalty means that some activity related to your website triggered a manual review of Google’s quality assurance team, a real person checked all the data and decided to apply a penalty to your website.

The algorithmic penalty means that some activity related to your website triggered Google’s algorithm, certain factors were measured, and Google’s algorithm decided to your site.

There are many things that can trigger penalties by Google, we don’t even know them all. But here are some of the things that almost certainly will get you into trouble:

  1. Existence of malware on your site
  2. Many links pointing to your site from irrelevant or low-quality sources
  3. Repeated anchor text of inbound links (doesn’t look natural)
  4. On-page manipulation (e.g. The content seen by Google isn’t visible to the users)
  5. On-page excessive use of keywords
  6. Low quality / copied content
  7. Too many advertisements

Google can drown you.

There is a saying I heard from a military man once: If you pee on the army, it gets wet. If the army pees on you, you drown. It is correct whenever it comes to any large and powerful organization. Google was ranked by Forbes in 2015 as the third most valuable brand with a brand value of $65.6 billion. They give employment to some of the world’s brightest minds in order to develop systems that will prevent people from successfully manipulating Google’s search results. They invest millions (maybe even billions) of dollars in improving their search algorithms and protecting the search results of shady black hat SEO tactics. The chances you will find a way to manipulate Google, and this way will stay effective, are extremely close to zero. If by chance you did manage to discover some super-smart method, better give Google a call, I’m sure they are willing to pay for information on how to manipulate their systems.

If you still want to try and play with Google, remember, all those penalties I’ve mentioned earlier, are really hard to recover from. It all depends on what you have done, but Google’s penalties can be anything from reducing your ranking in the search results by a dozen places for a wide range of keywords, and up to completely deindexing your website, making it disappear from Google search results.

You can recover from some of Google’s penalties, but in most cases, if you got hit by Google, your website may be almost useless. SEO professionals agree that at most, it is easier to buy a new domain and rank a brand new website than recover a penalized one.


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