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Nikhil Sharma

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How to Use Reddit in your Digital marketing Strategy in 2019

If you are searching for a new channel for your marketing then you might want to add Reddit to your Digital marketing strategy in 2019. This platform has over 250 million users and 50 thousand active communities and attracts 8 billion views on a monthly basis. Reddit hosts content which is posted through the large… Continue reading

Social Media Strategy Guide 2019

Know Your Social Media Audience Let’s know what your audience wants and learn about their necessity. Selecting your audience to sell your product & services is the toughest part of marketing. But with Social media, you can easily get to know about your critical audience. Social Media Helps you to select your audience, by their… Continue reading

Some Effective link building strategies for e-Commerce websites

E-commerce is the trading to services like Internet and other types of computer networks. Link building is the most important but only on relevant sites. The concept of E-commerce has helped of geographical boundaries. There is the scope of new users to get entry by following links in search engine results. Some active Ecommerce link… Continue reading

Some Tools for Content Promotion to Help get Grow Traffic

After study shows that around 85% of B2B marketers use content for promotion and generate revenue. High-quality content relevant content helps to engage and attract more people. Content is King and very powerful. Content has been one of the best parts of internet marketing. Without content, it would be impossible to achieve goals. Content marketing… Continue reading

SEO Tips and Tricks that no marketer will tell you!

What is the difference between a successful marketer and other marketers, there must be something. Well, it’s not that they do something different, the fact is they do it differently.   SEO is not seen as rocket science for those who already know it. Simply going by the book doesn’t always yield results. The secret… Continue reading

Digital Marketing Trends you can expect to see in 2018

Do you think, the marketing strategy you have adopted will do well in this dynamic digital marketing world. With every new year comes speculation regarding the advertising trends which will define the months ahead. We can not tell with complete certainty what lies ahead, but we can bet that the following 10 trends can play… Continue reading