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A sneak peek into the future – Digital in 2020

As the whole world once waited for 2000, many companies are waiting for the year 2020. They see a point of a fresh reference and major changes in it. Most of their approaches are aimed at 2020. This is evidenced by the latest year’s studies targeting client expectations from 2020 and helping to start fresh businesses and start-ups.

The marketing sector is increasing rapidly but the industry of blockchain is rising quicker. It is extremely dynamic, as it must satisfy consumer’s expectations and wishes. By 2020, as the conduct of customers on the network has changed considerably, it should obtain a fresh look. Most (company) trends in 2019 are driven by digital transformation and digitalization. Digital trends are not surprisingly viewed as important variables for future achievement. 

Here are some of the best digital trends that will drive your company’s success in 2020 and beyond to make sure you are conscious of the promising possibilities.

Artificial Intelligence: This is not really a fresh technology. You probably have already, privately or in some of your company units, come into contact with artificial intelligence (AI). But have you noticed that this technology has been creeping in your lives for quite a while and has actually influenced your way of working and doing your work?

Artificial intelligence is anticipated to empower several company units and assist them to be more effective and successful by 2020 and beyond. This technology can sustain your company internally.

Live Streaming Video Content: Compared to Artificial Intelligence, this technological trend is not that large, but it has an enormous effect on client relationships. It is simpler than ever to reach your target group with live streams, thanks to Facebook and Instagram. Consumers value this type of marketing because it provides them with the chance to personally and honestly connect with their favourite brands.

Today, businesses that show personality are becoming more successful than those who don’t. Transparency is anticipated to become even more essential in the coming years. Live streaming enables businesses to separate from their rivals and thus will drive company success in 2020.

Connected Clouds: Companies understand that it is not only the best choice to save all their funds on a personal or public cloud or on a data centre because it is associated with high danger and low flexibility. The solution is a linked hybrid cloud system that connects these cloud services and enables all of them to be managed and monitored.

It is of great importance to guarantee data protection on one side due to the quickly growing quantity of data and on the other side to offer workers the chance to work with this information. Data storage is a major subject and the digital trend of linked clouds will continue to develop in 2020 and beyond.

Data Utilization: Big data has been a hot topic since years, as stated in the earlier trend, and its significance will continue to improve until 2020 and beyond. When businesses want to create excellent choices about products, services, staff, strategy and more, data is of great importance.

By using information, the company would be more effective as you can comprehend the strengths behind choices. For the next decade, therefore, one of the digital trends will address tools that can effectively analyze, evaluate and use data.

Augmented and Virtual Reality: As you may notice, the number of businesses have risen using Augmented Reality for sales and marketing. It provides a better knowledge of how goods look in homes or on the bodies – a sales argument that can boost company success. It is anticipated to match advances in artificial intelligence and location-based services directly. Advances in these techniques can generate even more consumer use, as advertisers have the chance to put virtual products in the true globe around us.

Virtual reality can be used for more dangerous training, where real-life errors would be drastic – for instance, pilots or medicines who have to make decisions about life or death in stressful circumstances. It is also possible to use virtual reality to prototype and design fresh products. Every feature of a component, process or mechanism can be simulated and tested at a lower cost than it actually is produced. Virtual reality is not only cost-effective but is also faster and safer to test before construction.


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