Nikhil Sharma

Nikhil Sharma

Digital Evangelist Since 2006

Blog Marketing: What is it and how to do it?

In today’s busy digital marketplace, it can be difficult to make your company stand out from the crowd. You understand you need to develop your internet audience and find methods to communicate with your target consumers, but you may have trouble choosing the best course of action with so many marketing channels to choose from…. Continue reading

3 Simple Adwords Features which everyone misses

The most basic question we need to answer is: do the qualified visitors click on your ad? We qualify visitors based on the searched keywords. There’s no faster way to see your budget than showing your ads in bad keyword searches. 1. Check your search terms report The first step in any paid search audit… Continue reading

Opinion | Are we heading into a decade’s worst growth recession?

Much of the discussion over the past few months has concentrated on India’s sharp loss of financial momentum. The large issue is whether structural or cyclical is the continuing slowdown. The usual thumb rule is that the policy reaction to a slowdown occurs through economic reforms that relieve supply limitations. And with measures to boost… Continue reading

The 3 Common Agile Marketing Mistakes & Ways to avoid the same

Do you want to effectively alternate your marketing tactics based on incoming data? How about getting visibility inside and outside the department on marketing work? Or why not understand what ruined your process before you miss each quarter of this quarter? If some of them are attractive, I have good news: the solution to achieve… Continue reading

Link Building Strategies: The Complete Guide

The construction of links has been based on the amount in the past, not quality. But now? Building links is another ball game. If you are working on a strategy to build connections, you must understand that you can not immediately generate incoming links. It’s a step by step method. The websites where you create… Continue reading

4 Skills a Digital Marketing Manager Requires for Growth

1. Advertising pays on social networks What social media promised when it began to be used as a marketing tool was a free worldwide reach. Then Facebook changed the game.  But despite early cynicism, Facebook advertising can be very effective. So what are some of the issues and skills you will need to start controlling?… Continue reading

A sneak peek into the future – Digital in 2020

As the whole world once waited for 2000, many companies are waiting for the year 2020. They see a point of a fresh reference and major changes in it. Most of their approaches are aimed at 2020. This is evidenced by the latest year’s studies targeting client expectations from 2020 and helping to start fresh… Continue reading

How To Work On YouTube Marketing To Generate Leads

YouTube is one of the most engaging and outreaching platform for your business marketing. Not only it provides a platform for the promotion of your videos but also makes your company visible. YouTube has always been a source of entertainment and creative content, but it also claims to be an essential tool for marketers. Nearly… Continue reading