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4 Skills a Digital Marketing Manager Requires for Growth

1. Advertising pays on social networks

What social media promised when it began to be used as a marketing tool was a free worldwide reach. Then Facebook changed the game. 

But despite early cynicism, Facebook advertising can be very effective. So what are some of the issues and skills you will need to start controlling?

How to use the Facebook analysis tool “Facebook Insights”

Use “Power Editor” well

What can be done with the public “Look like”?

The granular orientation of “custom audiences”

What is the CPM offer and how to do it right?

How to experiment and test creative images

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

2. Email marketing

The email was simple in the past and now it’s about specific goals, rebound analysis, open rates and conversions. Your power as a marketing tool is often underestimated.

Even the great end of the city has not been doing well. A recent report published by the New York Times revealed that despite having more than 6 million emails in their database, they did not even have an adequate email marketing platform. The email list had to be extracted manually from its other systems.

Social networks are excellent for brand awareness, but your most loyal and committed prospects, customers and advocates will want to keep in touch by email. Many marketing campaigns and high performance sales results are obtained from your email list.

3. Search engine marketing

There are two parts in the equation here.

Optimizing your content, website and blog for organic search earned.

Pay for clicks with Google AdWords. Paid search engine marketing is sometimes called “SEM.”

Developing the authority gained to obtain a high rank in search engines takes time and is not a quick fix. But don’t forget to do this, since it ends up driving most of your traffic over time. It will take years of content creation and constant tactical activity.

4. Develop skills with tools and technology platforms

Previously, marketing often consisted of managing the advertising agency. But now they have to understand technology. What do some of them look like?

There is a wide range of free tools. 

Some of them include:

1. Hootsuite

2. Tweetdeck

3. Buffer

4. Facebook Insights

5. Twitter Analysis

6. Google Analytics Like5:32 pm


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